in future.

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My name is Kamil and I'm a web developer. And You may need Me in future.

I'm 18 years old web developer from Krosno. I became interested in coding when i turn 16 and it still stays my biggest hobby. Go down to see more!

Technologies that I use

  • React

  • Angular

  • JavaScript

  • Node

  • TypeScript

  • Express

  • Git

  • Wordpress

  • CSS & HTML

I`m also writing a blog about webdevelopement. Please give me a favor and read few articles!

Matura 2019 - Ulubione cyfry

Biblioteka Webu #4 - Angular

Still interested? Check out my resume!

Here is my Royal Flush - 5 projects that im mostly proud of (temporary):

Angular Pokedex

Angular app that shows pokemon list and leads you to each Pokemon site on Bulbapedia


App that allows you to check weather in your neighbourhood, written in React with Typescript, styled components and Open Weather API

Kamil Michna

Portfolio that shows my skill, created with Gatsby.js (React) + styled components


Simple app for religious app contest, being a knowledge quiz about holy people


Churchspot is created to be a place in internet for every catholic. You will find there holidays, weather forecast, newest catholic YouTubers videos, knowledge quiz and more. Created with Angular, Material UI and Flask as Backend

Or just contact with me!